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Originally Posted by Anthony Lapham View Post
Sorry but that above is wrong.. Its a fact that eating 5-6 meals spaced at 2.5 alot better... rather than 3 meals at 5 hours ..

This is especially true on a cut..
The reason the meals are eaten more frequently is to keep your metabolism at a high rate. As when you dont eat for time (around 3-4 hours +) your metabolism slows down.

And I wouldn't agree with this below:

"5) Lift heavy (don't do low weight and high rep... keep your reps to 6-10 range and use heavy weights)"

Because if you lift higher reps then you are most likely to be burning a higher amount of calories. And you will tone more nicely.

Hope this helps,

no the high reps is a falicy, it will not burn off more calories sorry. and the first bit is right we eat every few hours to keep nutrients flowing to muscles but xtend used inbetween meals can mean longer distance between meals as xtend has the profile of amminos the body is wanting.
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