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Originally Posted by JdesBC786 View Post
So to give you my basic history, I wrestled in HS finished my Senior year at 125 lbs 5' 7"...didn't do any physical activity for first 2 years of college and got up to 140 lbs. (and could barely do a sit up)...started working out 4 days a week for 2.5 years and I am significantly stronger than I was then... but I'm also weighing around 170 lbs +/- 3 lbs.

I realize that with the muscle I've gained, I've also gained fat, I think its 1 pound of muscle to 0.5 pounds of fat? Well either way I'm no longer interested in gaining any more weight or getting stronger, I can already bench, deadlift, and squat over 170 and I'm happy with that.

Sorry about the long thread, but now my question is how do I cut down to lower my body fat percentage, I got tested about 3 months ago and I was 10% (+/- 5%) body fat, I'd like to get down to a lower percentage and get cut while maintaining the same level of strength (or about the same level). How should I change my workout? diet? supplements (I take Vitamin C and Whey Protein).

P.S. my calorie intake is about 2500 a day or something around that.

Welcome to ABC. Looks like you haven't really read anything or done any research because most of your questions are very general and can be answered if you just take some time to read and research.

If you visit you will find a lot of useful reading in the Nutrition section.

That said, here are a few starters:

1) Figure out what your bf% really is (10-15% is a big range)
2) Clean up your diet (no white bread, or processed foods such as white pasta, junk food, etc)
3) No simple sugars (soda, ice cream, desert)
4) Reduce saturated fats (i.e. no fried foods, reduce fatty red meat, butter, lard, etc)
5) Lift heavy (don't do low weight and high rep... keep your reps to 6-10 range and use heavy weights)
6) Do cardio (at least 3 times weekly for 20-30 minutes each at 65% of your maximum heart rate)
7) Eat at least 5-6 meals a day (1g protein/lb body weight, <150g carbs per day, and the rest should come from good fats like olive oil, peanut butter, almonds, fish oil, flax oil, safflower oil)
8) Last but not least (READ THIS ARTICLE
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