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Default Need Advice on Cutting

So to give you my basic history, I wrestled in HS finished my Senior year at 125 lbs 5' 7"...didn't do any physical activity for first 2 years of college and got up to 140 lbs. (and could barely do a sit up)...started working out 4 days a week for 2.5 years and I am significantly stronger than I was then... but I'm also weighing around 170 lbs +/- 3 lbs.

I realize that with the muscle I've gained, I've also gained fat, I think its 1 pound of muscle to 0.5 pounds of fat? Well either way I'm no longer interested in gaining any more weight or getting stronger, I can already bench, deadlift, and squat over 170 and I'm happy with that.

Sorry about the long thread, but now my question is how do I cut down to lower my body fat percentage, I got tested about 3 months ago and I was 10% (+/- 5%) body fat, I'd like to get down to a lower percentage and get cut while maintaining the same level of strength (or about the same level). How should I change my workout? diet? supplements (I take Vitamin C and Whey Protein).

P.S. my calorie intake is about 2500 a day or something around that.
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