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Originally Posted by MartinofSweden View Post
I find this an important subject and would like to join the discussion, with a slight twist. Putting this short I believe that negative emotions do not neccecarily need to be all bad but could actually be benefitial, in that they may give rise to questions regarding the purpose of life and may make you search for your creator.

There is absolutely nothing that comes even close to the peace and overwhelming joy you experience when laying down and resting at the feet of your God. Check out Hebrews 4 which speaks of the rest that is available to us through Christ.

Coming to Him in prayer and songs really transforms my state of mind from darkness to light and gives perspective on life. In His mighty presence all issues of my life become highly insignificant. The more I see of Jesus the more I realize how fully dependant I really am on Him, and my heart is overflowing with thankfullness. If you havenīt experienced His grace yet you should search for Him, there is nothing in this world (or in the life that has been given to you) worth holding you back - you have everything to win and nothing to loose!

without going to the bible and staying scientific. i think negativity can be channelled into a positive sort of if angry generally testosterone is higher so hitting the weights in a controlled anger could be benificial in getting passed plateu's etc?
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