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Yeah I have been studying it. I do see some issues actually. I am really tired right now so correct me if you get a chance to read it. But from what I see they were mostly concerned with if there were any beneficial adaptations to training in the fasted state. So they had them train fasted or w/ carbs in morning for 6 weeks, 3 times weekly. BUT then they transfered both to a carbohydrate meal at the end and measured fat oxidation under those conditions (optimal conditions for endurnance performance) and found no differences in fat oxidation. So if I am right they were not measuring acute fat oxidation in fasted state, but rather in the carbohdrate fed state 6 weeks after doing it in the fasted or carb fed state, to see if fat oxidation was greater, even when fed carbs. I probably lost some of u there but Im exhuasted. Could have read this wrong.

Another issue I have is that they gave them very high carb diets (65%) and in those conditions it may not make a difference what your pre-workout carb meal is.
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