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Venom wrote: "This is a great post.
Yeah that is a visous cycle. Interesting studies, though: endurance athletes have high intramuscular triglercides, yet there insulin sensativity is amazing. Whearas obese people and diabetics also have high IMTs but can't handle carbs. Thought is that athletes are constantly recycling triglycerides; whearas fat people just have old triglycerides stored in tissue, and they get oxidized, and oxidized fat and their metabolites causes insulin resistance."

Cool, I didn't catch that. It makes sense though.

I may have misunderstood some of the studies. It sounded like when adipose tissue was insulin sensitive it mobilized fat easier (because there was less insulin present to reduce the mobilization), which I thought was good.

But you are saying, that we don't want adipose tissue to be insulin sensitive, correct?

When you said that "there are barely any adaptations in adipose" do you mean that there isn't much we can do to change how it reacts, etc? Meaning we should focus our efforts on adapting our muscle tissue?

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