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This is a great post.

Yeah that is a visous cycle. Interesting studies, though: endurance athletes have high intramuscular triglercides, yet there insulin sensativity is amazing. Whearas obese people and diabetics also have high IMTs but can't handle carbs. Thought is that athletes are constantly recycling triglycerides; whearas fat people just have old triglycerides stored in tissue, and they get oxidized, and oxidized fat and their metabolites causes insulin resistance. But yeah, its a physcious cycle from a lot of perspectives. Getting fat will promote getting fatter from endless physiological and psychological perspectives.

In my assessment, you would not want adipose tissue to be sensitive to insulin, because glucose taken up into adipose will be converted in triglycerides.

What you named above will primarily promote muscle sensitivity. Example: when you exercise, oxidative stress builds up mostly in your muscles. ALA therefore reduces oxidative stress in your muscles and directly improves sensitivity there - not fat. Now carbs, our lab has shown that if you go low carb <150 your muscle and liver mostly handle that and insulin sensitivity in those tissues is much greater - i.e. greater PI3 kinase, etc. But there are barely any adaptations in adipose, so you dont take up carbs in adipose. And you consequently lose more fat. I have heard that glutamine actually may cause insulin resistance in adipose, but dont have reference on hand.
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