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Default High reps - insulin sensitivity

We all laugh when someone says they want to do high reps to get "toned" or "cut." I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that indirectly, it kind of makes sense, according to these studies.

According to these articles, well developed mitochondria is linked to insulin sensitivity. And Poorly functioning mitochondria are linked to insulin resistance. So here is the tie in, we know that we can develop our mitochondria by higher reps, so the logical conclusion would be that higher reps end up helping improve our insulin sensitivity thus helping us to stay lean.

Now I know that usually when someone refers to getting toned from high reps they think that doing curls will get their biceps ripped, which of course is false. But if they just mean that high reps will be of benefit to their overall leanness, they are technically correct.

Not completely related to the thread, but of interesting note from the first link:

"It is proposed that a reduction in tissue mitochondrial ATP production signals the hypothalamic centers to reduce spontaneous physical activities."

If that is the case, talk about an endorsement for physical activity. Because otherwise you have a vicious cycle; little activity -> decreased mitochondrial ATP production -> reduce physical activity further -> decreased mitochondrial ATP production -> and so on and so on.

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