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I like it commander! Thanks for the input! I hope it will continue to come.

My next idea comes from the new literature on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (Hayes, 2007).

As we go through life, we are undoubtedly met with difficult life situations. Maybe we lose a job, lose a loved one, fail a test, fail in an interview. Life is uncanny in it's unrelenting supply of difficult times. The question I pose today is how you view these difficult life situations.

Oftentimes, when something happens to us we are prone to blame ourselves. "Why didn't I study enough?" "I should have spent more time at home." "I should have been a better friend."

But are we always right to accept blame when something happens to us? In any circumstance, there are many possible explanations for a certain outcome. If you fail a test, it may be that you are "not smart" or it could be that your professor didn't prepare you for the test. If you miss a workout, it could be that you "didn't have enough foresight," or if could be that something out of your control came up during the day.

So, when looking at life situations, don't look to yourself as "responsible" but look to yourself as "response-able." When something negative comes up, you are not at fault for the situation, but you are able to respond to the situation.

There is liberation in being able to let go of any possession of life situations in leu of accepting the ability to respond to them.
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