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I will start with one:

Positive Journaling
Many people are familiar with the concept of journaling, if not under the impression that journaling is not very masculine. When, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. What could be more masculine than taking your thoughts and feelings head on? Only strong men and women could have such might (and you all are strong!).

Positive journaling is somewhat different than normal journaling. The first part is the same: take time everyday to sit down and put your thoughts and feelings onto paper. But the second part is what can make journaling a positive part in your life (normal journaling IS possitive in that it helps sort out your thoughts, but journaling can do so much more). After you have listed something, positive journaling asks you to evaluate what you have listed.

If what you have listed is negative - Then think of how you can appraise the situation differently. Are you capturing every point of view, or can you look at this situation differently? I guarantee you that other points of view are there, and I know you can find a positive way to appraise even a dismal situation. Positive journaling asks you to find that positive appraisal of the situation and journal about it.

If what you have listed is neutral or positive - Then think of behavior you can do to further this situation. How can you extent the positive nature of the situation or feeling? Or, how can you turn this neutral situation into a positive one. Just like above, I guarantee that you can find this positive appraisal, and once you do, journal about it.

After your journaling - Resolve to put your words into action! I can't speak more highly of how effective positive BEHAVIOR can have on your mindset. I will post more sources in a bit about how behavior can effect your cognitive state.

Good luck!
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