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Default I Want to be Happier

ABC helps people grow physically, this thread is aimed to help people grow emotionally.

Martin Seligman likes to tell of when he was gardening one day and his 5-year old daughter Nikki came out to join him. Amidst his furious weedking, his daughter Nikki was off to the side joyously throwing the weeds into the air and dancing around. He yelled at her to stop and she walked away only to return moments later. She asked to talked to him.
"Yes, Nikki."
"Daddy do you remember before my fifth birthday? From three to five I was a whiner, I whined every day. But when I turned five, I decided not to whine anymore. That was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. And if I can stop whining, you can stop being such a grouch [!] (Seligman, 1991).

He goes on to relate how, just like our actions, are emotions and our thoughts (cognitions) are under our control. This thread will rely heavily on that point. It may not be easy, and important things rarely are, but it's possible to learn to control our thoughts and our emotions.

Throughout this thread I want to post, and encourage others to post, any helpful techniques they have used to help bring more lasting happiness and satisfaction into their lives.
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