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Originally Posted by Commander View Post

This study indicates that average individuals lose about 230g (0.5 lb) during sleep and 83% of that is water loss. But they didn't include urine or feces.

This website...
...indicates that people can lose up to about 2 to 3 pounds during sleep with as much as 1 pound or more coming from urine. So the numbers kind of match up when you add the weight loss from urine onto the study mentioned above.

So what about bodybuilders?
1.) What can be expected for us? For example, I typically lose 3 pounds a night, but last night, I lost six pounds (198 to 192)!

I bring this up because I find it interesting and it has practical applications for us lifters.

2.) When someone loses 6 pounds, can we still use the percentages the study talked about? Say I lost 2 pounds from waste, is the other 4 lbs 83% water loss, meaning I lost 17% bodymass or 0.68 lbs?

3.) And what is the 0.68 lbs? Fat mass, lean mass?

4.) And if the 17% is lean mass, what can be done to prevent lean mass loss overnight? This is probably the easiest question, I am assuming consume more casein would be the best answer.

Very interesting, please share any thoughts.
weight loss in sleep is normal i have lost 10lb in one night its just down to no water intake and no food intake.
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