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30min empty stom cardio 1,707 fat cal burned on cross trainner.

I did this summer what i have not done since 1995. I took a break from lifting. I still hit the weights now and then but for the most part i took a break. Small injuries have healed and my strength is still incredable. All of the little things were adding up. The knee pain the back pain the shoulder pain the hamstring pain the ankle pain the wrist pain...well you get the point. I didn't have anything serious wrong just little things that would never heal all the way. They are all gone now. I do not like taking breaks from routines and i plan them out years in advance. This was not planned that far in advance. I sat down one day and decided that the problems i was starting to have were outwaying my lifting progression without a break. I have only gained about 13lbs of fat due to a somewhat ok diet and my active lifestyle. This will come off really fast i'm guessing about 3 top 4 weeks. I am going to start back in the gym with a simple mix of things for a couple weeks then go right back into DC. Due to the strength i still posses (i went to the gym the other day and tested myself, i still got it) this should be no problem. I just want to get over the sourness before i hit DC again. Well thats it for now...see you in the gym. Oh by the way i am going to have my first child in DEC. I am freaking Pumped...
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