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Default Re: ####HP Challenge Fall 08 Help Thread####

I have a couple of questions-
1. Can you please critique my diet?

2. I'm doing the loading phase of creatine.. i take it with my pre workout shake(around 5.45 am), post workout shake(around 7.30 am), then noon & finally at night. Is this ok or should i evenly space it(i.e every 3-4 hrs)?


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Diet looks solid in terms of layout. I like how often you eat, plus the meal types, i.e. fat/protein snacks between balanced meals. However, for further analysis you may want to include your macros and your estimated maintenance caloric needs.

7:30 PWO shake(milk+ whey+ banana+ honey) with whole wheat bread

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This is the one area that I feel could use a change. You may want to consider holding off on the wheat bread and milk to keep your PWO shake digesting as fast as possible.

As for the creatine, I don't think you have to be super-precise with the timing. Your spacing 5:30, 7:45, noon and night seems fine.

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