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Day #9

Another super busy day at work.

6am - Breakfast
4 egg whites
2 pieces of whole wheat toast
all natural salsa

12pm - Lunch
Chicken burrito bowl from Chipotle

5pm - Snack
1 rice cake
peanut butter

6:30pm - Post-workout snack
1 slice of whole wheat bread
1 slice of lean turkey

8pm - Workout

Back, biceps, forearms


Lat pulldowns
3 sets to failure
80 lbs - 1x10
90 lbs - 1x8
100 lbs - 1x6
Start at higher weight next time

One arm rows
40 lbs
45 lbs
50 lbs
Start at higher weight next time

Bent-over dumbbell laterals
20 lbs

Incline DB curls
3 sets of slow, controlled 15 reps
15 lbs

Barbell curls to failure (2 sets of this)
75 lbs
55 lbs
2 x failure
35 lbs
1 x failure
15 lbs
1 x failure

Barbell 21's
3 sets at 40 lbs

Barbell wrist curls
30 lbs
50 lbs
Start higher next time

Reverse barbell wrist curls

9pm - Dinner
PWO shake

I am over 1000 calories short of my goal for today. I have no idea how... I will have to work on getting that up closer to where I'm supposed to be. Not being insanely busy at work will probably help. I'm also skipping dinner most nights and calling my PWO shake dinner. My workouts are always so late that it ends up like that.
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