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Default Re: LocalRedHeads journal - week 10- Thurs

So yet again this week I started out taking Monday off.

On Saturday I did my chest workouts, set 1 - per the 13 week workout. I then did a 30 minute cardio session on Sunday and took Monday off.

Tuesday I did Bi-ceps/Tri-ceps per the 13 week workout. I really upped the intensity here and tore my muscles down, yet I felt NO soreness. At all. I've platued. It's thursday 2 days later and my biceps show no visible peak. I did 3 sets of HIIT after my workout.

Wednesday I did cardio and Abs. My cardio session was 3 Sets of HIIT. The intense interval was 10 MPH, 10.5 MPH and I finished with a minute sprint at 11 MPH.

Today I weighed 177 with no real changes in physique or fat loss since last week.

My results are slowing down drastically at this point but I have to go out of town on business for a week and I think that will be the perfect way to taper. I'll take my workout bands and BOSU ball to the hotel with me and do some de-training workouts for a week and when I come back my last 3 weeks should be nothing but hard core gains. I hope.

Today I will be doing legs followed by 15 minutes of sauna RnR.

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