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Day #6
I weighed 190.3 at my weigh-in for the contest. The scale is way off (I don't know how much clothes and shoes weigh??) but it is 7 lbs. lighter than last week at the start of the contest on the same scale. I didn't lose 7 lbs., so I'm curious as to what happened. It looks great for me in the contest, but I know I didn't lose that much.

6:15am - Breakfast
4 egg whites
1 slice lean turkey breast
all natural salsa
1 piece of whole wheat toast

11am - Snack
1 rice cake
peanut butter

12:30pm - Lunch
2 slices of lean turkey breast
2 pieces of whole wheat bread

I made this at home with the intention of finding some mustard somewhere in the lunch room, but no luck. It was bland of course, but it was food and I was hungry. Friends from work ate at a new burger joint and boy did it smell good.

4pm - Snack
1 rice cake
peanut butter

7pm - Workout
25 minutes of HIIT on treadmill

My wife wasn't feeling good at the gym today so we left early. My intent was a leg workout today but will just settle for the cardio.

8pm - Snack/Dinner
PWO shake

The timing of my afternoon snack and workout was way off. I hadn't eaten since 4pm, and it was a small snack. I was very hungry going into the workout, but didn't want to eat before I went. The workout was short and I got a PWO shake from the gym. I wanted to get to sleep early so I could get some cardio in before work, so this was my last "meal" of the day. I fell asleep before 10pm.
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