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Default Re: My first journal!!!

Hey, good to see you starting a journal. Keep at it, and once you've been doing it for awhile you will be able to go back on all your past entries and learn from them and how your body reacts to different things.

Now for some comments, MuscleMilk take it out, too much fat in it and wont help you cut down at all. So have one shake as a treat once in awhile but dont use it as a pwo shake, make a meal with protein/carbs and add a little dextrose. Get that diet down pat, so no handfulls of chips or eating out (which is alright but make sure you get what you think fits within your diet, if they dont have it, you can always go with the safe bet of grilled chicken salad dressing on the side. Most places will make this even if its not offered because its so simple.)

And finally, keep your priorities straight, I noticed you have children, so dont skip time with your kids cause you HAVE to go to the gym, who cares, spend as much time as you can with them (I missed out with my father, as he passed away recently, and I only wish I had spent more time with him).

Other then that keep at the journal I am interested to see your progress, and let me know if you got any questions Id be more than happy to answer anything to the best of my knowledge.

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yeah the spend time with kids thing is a good idea when i was 19 and dad was in hospital after second visit he said i've had enough (!@#$%^&*) off to the gym now lol
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