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Day 3 and Day 4

My three oldest leave for Houston to visit my mom for a week on Day #4. That is taking up most of our time right now. I also don't work on Day #3, which usually jacks up any sort of routine because I never really do the same thing twice on my days off.

Day #3 (I'm doing this from memory on Day #5)

I did decent with my diet. The only questionable meal was dinner. We were running all day and didn't have time to make dinner. We ordered pizza and my wife and I had a few slices of thin crust veggie lover's. I was able to sneak off to the gym for a good cardio session, too.

Day #4 (Again from memory on Day #5)

This day wasn't so good, but I semi-expected it. My first 4 meals were good. I had my egg whites and whole wheat toast, rice cake with peanut butter, chicken breast and broccoli, and a protein shake. We took my daughters' to the airport and my son was pretty torn up about all his sisters leaving. My wife and I decided to take him to see a movie to help him cheer up. It definitely worked, but as a result, I ate theater popcorn for dinner. Not very happy about that. I also wasn't able to make it to the gym. I need to do some making for this day. The weigh in for the contest at work is Monday and I think I might slipped in the past few days.

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