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Default ecko31s training log

I decided to start posting my workouts again. here it is.
Chest and Back
Incline Barbell Press 135x40 185x20 225x15 275x10 265x9 255x9 245x9 drop to 225x12
Pull-ups bodyweightx40 45lbsx15 90lbsx12 90lbsx11 90lbsx10 drop to 45x8 drop to body weight x10
Flat barbell press 225x12 275x12 295x9 315x4 drop tp 225x14
One arm dumbell rows 75x12 90x14 110x14 110x14
Dips body weightx60 45lbsx25 90lbsx20 90lbsx15 drop to body weightx20
V-bar cable rows 180x13 200x13 220x12 210x12
Quads and Hams
Leg ext. 90x30 135x25 180x20 225x13 225x13 drop to 180x10 drop to 135x10
Hammer strenght squats 400x15 490x15 600x14 690x12 drop to 400x12
Leg press 490x15 600x15 690x15 780x13 drop to 600x12
Seated leg curls 45x20 90x15 115x18 125x12 115x12 115x12
lying leg curls single leg 25x15 30x15 35x15 40x15 45x12
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