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Default Re: spinnin my web....The way of the spider

freak, just got over being sick... This is really sucky i am under 200 pounds again... just so NOT COOL!!!

Idk what the freak i had but it has been making me sick the last two weeks throwing up can't eat blah blah BLAAAAAAH!!!

i feel fat and flat and weak.... FREAK!!

ok so im gonna hit the gym again starting tomorrow with an unrivaled intensity cuz I WANT IT BACK AND MORE!!!

same split as above, but im changing the workouts slightly... and i am doing abs when i do weight trainig three times a week.

Gonna do pure 100% HIT training. Three sets for chest and back, 2 for quads and hams, two for arms.

1 set, each exercise. super set. So like 1 set decline superset flys.

freakin lame.... weigh like 196 and fatter and probably gonna be super weak...
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