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Default Re: My first journal!!!

Day #2
181.6 lbs
I really haven't been checking the scale religiously for the past couple of weeks, so I don't know if this is normal, but that seems like a lot of weight to lose in one day. 3 more lbs and I'm at my lowest weight since I was about 20 years old.

5:30am -
Hit snooze once and finally rolled out of bed before alarm went off. I once again scrambled around the house getting everything ready for the day. Last night was kind of hectic with kids' sports and laundry so I didn't have the preparation time. I also couldn't find my headphones this morning, which I was very worried about.

5:45am -
4 eggs (whites)
all natural salsa
16 oz water

My wife told me yesterday that I shouldn't be eating any carbs if I'm going to be doing cardio first thing in the morning. I decided to cut out the bread today. I wonder if this is enough of a pre-workout meal? Also, if I'm not supposed to be eating any carbs, is the salsa too much as well?

6:30am -
30 minutes on stairs - level 8-9

I started at level 9, and it was difficult. About 5 minutes in, I had to move it down to level 8. I had a much harder time with the stairs today than I did yesterday. If my friend hadn't come over and talked to me while I was on them, I might have quit before the 30 minutes were up. I'm not sure if it's because I didn't have any music or if my body is just feeling different today. Either way, I finished at 350 calories burned after 130 flights of stairs. I didn't have time for more cardio, so I will do some tonight with my weight training to compensate.

8am -
MuscleMilk Chocolate Milk flavored shake
12 oz. water

Tasted great again. I really like this shake. I hope it has everything in it that I need and nothing that I don't!!

11am -
1 rice cake
peanut butter

1pm -
2 fish tacos
black beans

I didn't have time last night to prepare my lunch, so I went out with friends from work. We went to Wahoo's and I had my favorite dish without the white rice.

4:15pm -
1 rice cake
peanut butter

I don't see this snack getting old since I love peanut butter. I should start inserting a bit of variety though.

6:30pm -
3 handfuls of chips

I was starting to get very hungry at my daughters' gymnastics practice, and found a bag of chips in my wife's car and proceeded to eat 3 large handfuls. I felt very guilty about it too.

8:30pm -
Back/Biceps workout

DB Rows
Lat pulldowns
Seated rows
Incline DB curls
Barbell curls to failure
Barbell curl 21s

Finally got to the gym after 3 different kids' sports. I wouldn't have made it at all if it weren't for my daughter meeting with a choreographer at the gym that I work out at. I found Animal's bicep workout in the Workouts section, and it was GREAT!! It completely killed my arms. Just the kinds of workouts that I've been longing for.

10:30pm -
Chicken salad w/ noodles, wonton strips, with an oriental vinegarette dressing.

I ate waaaaay too late. It was a busy night once again and we decided to sit down and relax on a patio.

Day 2 is in the books and I have mixed feelings about it. My eating schedule was off again but I did get some good workouts in.
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