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Default Re: cognitive motivation: a day by day stuff

I get WAY more done when I go to the gym alone, having a partner there to spot is handy but I notice im way more focused and into the workout if I'm alone and can drop some weight and consider what i just did right, wrong, how i did last time with this, how my body is reacting today, if i ate something to hinder my performance, whatever. But I always tend to ignore everybody, dont go to show everybody up.

I get plenty of kicks watching so many people in there wearing name brand clothes like they had to spend 45 minutes 'getting ready for the gym'.

Work out for yourself, man.

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at moment me and training partner are doing the im better and it is working so far in 3 weeks put 6kg on bench, 4kg on triceps and 4 on militray press without sacrificing form. all we do is every set have a go at each other saying stufff like my gran can lift more and we buried her 6 month ago. etc but yeah it seems to work
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