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Default Re: LocalRedHeads journal - week 9 - Tues

So today was my Chest, shoulder, back and traps.

Unfortunately I ran out of time (had to go back to work) and I was only able to get my chest and back work outs in. This happens to me on most weeks and I usually compensate by doing shoulders and traps on my day off.

Decline bench press:
145 for 12,
145 for 10,
135 for 8 and I held the last rep for 20 seconds.
I reached failure on the last set.

*Each set Supersetted with*

Medium grip pull downs:
135 for 12,
135 for 10,
110 for 12 and I held the last rep for 30 seconds. I did not reach failure but I could barely maintain proper form towards the end.

Incline Bench press:
115 for 12,
115 for 10,
115 for 12,

*Superset with*

Close grip pull downs:
110 for 12
110 for 10
110 for 12

Flat Bench:
*all together I did roughly 30 reps at around 100 pounds in the 12, 10, 12 format. My left shoulder was hurting very badly and I was afraid of injury so I stopped. This sucks.*

Bent over Rows (with reverse grips):
15, 12, 15 of 45 pounds. I concentrated on form and paused for a full second and squeezed as hard as possible. It was easy to lift but as stated before with the flat bench, my shoulder was killing me and I really backed off on the amount of weight afterwards.

My shoulder injuries are really starting to hold me back, often limiting the amount of weight I can push. I have to take it easy as I do have a pending surgery towards the end of summer.
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