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Default Re: LocalRedHeads journal - week 9 of the 13 week plan (Tues)

Today is Tuesday July 8th, and I am on week 9 of the 13 week hardcore fat burner workout.

I feel that since I am starting my journal late into my program, that I should preface somethings to bring everyone up to date (as if anyone is reading!).

I've been on a journey with my diet and my supplements. Currently, I loosely follow the guidelines laid out by the 13 week diet that is on this site. This is because sometimes I simply have to "make do". In my opinion I'm doing a very good job of at least getting close to the intended dietary guidelines of the 13 week diet.

In general here is my diet for today (and most days are similar)

Meal 1: 1/2 cup of oatmeal, 2 egg's and 2 pieces of toast. I also consumed 1 protein shake of Soy protein isolate. This was roughly 450 cals.

Meal 2: Red beans, frozen vegetables mix, rice, lean steak.

** I consume another soy protein shake about 45 minutes before I work out. This is 150 cals. **

Meal 3: PWO shake and some carbs. My PWO shake is GNC's pro performance Wheybolic Extreme. 360 calories (not including the source of carbs)

Meal 4: Red beans, frozen vegetables mix, rice, lean steak.

Meal 5: Red beans, frozen vegetables mix, rice, lean steak.

Meal 6: Soy protein shake with fat free milk before bed.

I don't know the exact caloric count of meals 2, 4, and 5 but I assure you they are very healthy and right sized portions.

Typically most days are like this. But I fear it will suck to be brutally honest on this board, but I'm here to put myself outside of my comfort zone so lets shine a spotlight on my fat. If you see deficiencies in my diet please call me out! Remember my goal is to become shredded but I also want to maintain muscle mass.

I'll post my work out afterwards (haven't done it yet)
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