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Default Re: spinnin my web....The way of the spider

haven't posted in a while.

changed my split:
Im doing morning and evening workouts

sunday: complete rest day
monday: thighs-arms, forearms
tuesday: cardio, abs
wednesday: chest,back- shoulders,traps,calves
thursday: thighs-arms, forearms
friday: cardio, abs
saturday: chest, back- shoulders,traps,calves

this way, each muscle is hit every 3-4 days, keeping my volume low however no more than 6 sets for each muscle each workout. So my workouts are super short. in and out of the gym in 40 minutes or less.

the cardio will work as an active recovery.

First routines of the week are with a rep range of 5-8, with the second routine a rep range of 10-15. So its a heavy/light split.

im keeping my calories super high still, trying to add as much muscle and strength as possible. 6000 kcals or more.

cardio is light intensity, right after i work my abs (trying to spot reduce my waist a little) cuz nobody ever WANTS fat there.

didn't get a morning workout today, so i did chest/back in the evening. it seemed more appropriate to work the larger muscles while neglecting the smaller ones, than vice versa.

im doing very well, though i need to do some pullovers my thorax is lookin shrivled.... I will try to do them at least once a week from now on.
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