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Default Re: P90X cycle, and then...

If you skim this and have any nutrition recommendations let me know, Iíll definitely peruse the sight, but I feel I have more than a basic knowledge and far from an expertís.

[/ QUOTE ]

There are some basics. A couple of things . . .

I just finished yogax. Summary: woke up late, rushed off to work, finished at 2, had a double ľ lb burger w/ fries and a coke (ok, my diet needs serious re-vamping). Had some Chinese around 930 (chicken and rice), and started yoga @11pm this evening.

[/ QUOTE ]

First, I would ditch the fast food and soda. It will compromise your results.

Second, here are some good links for total nutrition programs:

And advance nutrition:

The specifics of your diet are going to depend on your goals. However, I think a good rule of thumb would be figure out your caloric needs, eat six meals a day, DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST, eat a lean source of protein every meal and good carbohydrates, eat healthy fats, drink about one to one-and-a-half gallons of water, and optionally use Creatine Mono and L-Glutamine for muscle growth and recovery. More or less.

The links can provide better specifics. However, a protein shake, bowl of oatmeal, and handful of peanuts or spoonful of old-fashioned peanut butter, or 1 cup of cottage cheese with a spinach salad splashed with olive oil or a vinaigrette dressing, will be much better than a double 1/4 pounder from McDonald's or Chinese take-out (with some rare menu exceptions). Ultimately, those fast food burgers will generally make you fat and unhealthy, and personally I think soda has no redeeming value. Anyway, that is at least one opinion, but I recommend doing your own reading, establish your goals (bulk, cut, firm up what you've got, etc.), and create your own menus.

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