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Thank you Commander,

Yesterday, the Plyometrics DVD was bad (!@#$%^&*). A lot of jumpin from side to side, forward and back, “heismann” poses, mimicking the moves of a pitcher in baseball, or receiving a bball and shooting it, and what I imagine football training to be like with high stepping thru tires and etc.. What I think I’ll get from this DVD is dexterity, ability to jump higher which will help w/ my karate class, speed, and gain the ability to be comfortable in a wide range of motions and activities resulting in overall fitness that I can take elsewhere. The motions last night certainly wouldn’t bulk me up, but I don’t want to be bulked beyond the point that my muscles can be used to facilitate a wide range of activities. I recognize that body sculpting to that point is the goal of many and they don’t appear to want the flexibility that yoga or karate might need.
Today, I worked out Shoulders and Arms, followed by the ab ripper ax that was on the day1 dvd. My room mate worked out with me and since the 25lb dumbbells (which comprise our entire set of weights at this point, we’re buying more this weekend) are his, I had to begin the workouts w/ cables…those stretchy things….whatever the hell they’re called. They were too easy, but I made do. After 5-7 exercises I talked him into switching with me (he has little or no gym experience and struggled with most of the exercises). The 25’s were perfect for me on the bicep exercises and most of the tricep exercises (with the exception of the two arm reverse tricep extension done as a superset supinated and then not supinated (is there a word for that?). They call them “flip-grip twist tricep kickbacks”. Whatever. The Lateral flys were tough w/ 25’s too, I usually use 15’s in the gym to ensure proper form. The patter today in case you missed it, bi, tri, shoulder, bi, tri, shoulder, finishing off after an hour w/ 20 mins of ab slaughter. Its good stuff. Since I couldn’t get up early today, something I still have a problem with, I was forced to choose between my karate class and this workout for today. I chose to keep up, after all, I am only on day 3. I am going to need to properly plan many things that I’m not now, not the least of which is nutrition. If you skim this and have any nutrition recommendations let me know, I’ll definitely peruse the sight, but I feel I have more than a basic knowledge and far from an expert’s.

Breakfast: I skipped cause I was running late, so when I got to work I had a cinnabon thingy and a bagle with cream cheese (If I was fat I'd be worried)
Lunch: smoothie king meal replacement packet w/ 48grams protein and unfortunately not many carbs…banana’s and strawberries were my fruits of choice (large)
Now: Post workout, going to make a protein drink and cook up some chicken, rice, and steamed potatoes…yummy. I’ll probably eat a yogurt too. Aight, I’ve typed enough, I’m out.
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