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Default Re: The return of Superbilt

6/20/08 ME DL/SQ

Reverse Band DL- (Average bands)-
225 x 5
315 x 4
365 x 3
415 x 2
455 x 1
495 x 1 (belt)
525 x 1
550 x 1 (PR)
570 x 0 (missed at knees)
570 x 0 (missed before knees)

SLDL (standing on plates)-
325 x 6
340 x 6
355 x 6
365 x 4

Seated Goodmorning (ws)-
145 x 10
155 x 10
165 x 10
175 x 12 (pr)

Roman Chair situps (5 sec pause)-
75 x 8
80 x 8
85 x 8
90 x 8 (pr)

BB static hold (double overhand)-
315 x 15sec
335 x 15sec
355 x 15sec
365 x 15sec

*well Reverse band dls were dissapointing. I only hit 5lbs higher than my reg dl max. I got greedy and went for 570 and I know I woulda had 560. 550 went up pretty fast. I think 570 was more of a technical error. SLDL sucked Idk if I plateaud on them or it was because it was a second dl movement. I think it was too much on my low back. I am gonna change up the max effort sq/dl day a little. I am gonna do a 1rm on a squat and a 3-5rm on a dl and then the next week a 1rm on a dl and a 3-5rm on a squat. Every 4th week I wont do any deadlifting. I cant wait for next friday so I can redeem myself.
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