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Default P90X cycle, and then...

Ok, hereís the deal. Iíve wanted to begin the P90X workout for some time and Iíve acquired a copy from my boss, DVDís only, and Iíve found a spreadsheet online with the ďclassicĒ program along with scanned in photos of all three of their programs. Iíve been procrastinating because there are so many things to doÖpre-measurements, BMI, weigh in, photoís, begin this journal..etc. What Iíve decided is to jump right in. Iím going to do the chest/back and if I still have energy, the ab video. I had a really big lunch, but nothing since 1pm and it is 720. I will eat plenty afterwards and recognize that in order to get the gains that I want I will seriously need to re-vamp my diet. I plan to log my experience as often as possible during the next 90 days. I will fill in more of my back story as time permits.

Just got home from work and Iím looking forward to the second video. Hereís a synopsis of the video. Push ups, then pull ups (all different varieties) and eventually rowís for upper back w/ weights or cables alternating chest/back/chest/backÖetc. After 12 exercise sets then they repeat but this time its Back/chest/back/chest. After an hour its abs for about 20mins. The exercises werenít anything fancy, but I know that after 90 days I will be able to do many more push ups of many more varieties and the same with pull ups. This has to add mass and fullness. My gym workout up until this point was out of the Arnold S. Encyclopedia of Modern bodybuilding. It was pretty intense and I got a lot out of it, but the 2, 3 day splits usually spanned a week and a half to two weeks rather than 6 days. The problem was sticking to it long term, and I usually cut abs short due to physical exhaustion after what sometimes turned out to be 2 to 2.5hrs worth of workouts. Iíll post that plan for those who donít have Arnoldís book later. I have prelim photos which Iíll post shortly. The nice thing about p90x is that it should be doable to commit to 1hr per day that I donít even have to leave my house for. And if the returns are like I expect, then I will be back in the gym in three months to cycle in the Arnold workout, or possibly the 13wk dealy I keep hearing about on this site. Well Iím off to do day2, Plyometrics.
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