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Default Re: spinnin my web....The way of the spider

never having another workout like todays...

was supposed to shoppin with my gf, which i forgot about so i put off training a little while, then when she reminded me of it i had this piss ant fast nothing routine... supposed to actually WORK legs and shoulders today... pff...

did like two sets of girls flippin squats...

1 set supersetted with leg press though... still i just sucked... was in too much of a rush so i didn't put on proper amounts of weight so could either do too many or too few reps.. got irritatated and went on to shoulders...

shoulders were ok... did some laterals superset with db presses... still, i did them like crap cuz i was just trying to rush so bad, i forgot to actually work out... even if it was short it coulda been retarded intense, but apparentely i forgot about that part....

long story short, i sucked today. just no balls
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