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Default Re: Cutting Journal, no holding back now

Today i was back on the horse, beginging the week with the same workout as i did last week. I realy targeted the center upper portion of my chest. It felt really good but i started with pre exausting my shoulders this time on the Shoulder press machine.
Weighted dips supersetted with Lateral raises
Bench Press supersetted with Front raises
Seated Rear Delts supersetted with incline dumb bells
Closegrip cable pressdown supersetted with Incline Machine Press
Cable Cross over supersetted with Cable Kickbacks

30 min morning cardio today. I bought a heart rate moniter to keep a steady HR. See if this makes a differance. I did notice that normaly i go way slower than i should so this should make the differance. Its kinda cool because the second i start slacking it beeps at me, lol. 2300 cal
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