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Default spinnin my web....The way of the spider

so i have been keeping a training journal, but i keep losing it.
So i will be puttin it here now.

I have always been fascinated with super heroes, especially spiderman. He's a freakin beast!

so this is gonna be all me from now on, my workouts, my nutrition, and my thoughts. This is me. no bs. just tellin it how it is.

will post a picture from time to time.

my split is as follows:
monday: HIIT
tuesday: weight training
wednesday: HIIT
thursday:Weight training
friday: HIIT
saturday: weight training
sunday: off

i am doing a upper/lower split, although i am working my shoulders in my lower body day. abs every workout day. Cardio between training days, as you can see.

so it's



my arms need some serious work right now, as thier level of strength is seriously hindering my chest and back training. so im gonna be hittin up some ez curls and dips and close bench for freakin reals...
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