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Default Re: Cutting Journal, no holding back now

I wasn't planning on going on a bulk until september. My goal was to get lean and cut enough to expose my abs. Then just maintain them till the end of the summer. After the 13 week program i did make really good progress but i still wanna improve. See how lean i can really get. Anyway heres what i did today

Morning Fasted Cardio
25min HIIT Arc trainer cardio, 315 cal, seems a little low cal usage for the time i was on there.

Weight training 2:30-4:00
Weighted dips supersetted with Lateral raises
Bench Press supersetted with Front raises
Seated Rear Delts supersetted with incline dumb bells
Closegrip cable pressdown supersetted with Incline Machine Press
Cable Cross over supersetted with Cable Kickbacks

Was a long session because i was showing a newbie around inbetween sets. Hmm starting to think i should reduce my afternoon workout to just 45min-60mins then do 30 mins of cardio at the end. Although i was distracted for a bit. Stuck to eating plan 100% today! 2200 cal
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