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Default Re: DaveV \"one more road to cross\" - would love feedback

I really wish my family weren't obese lazy ***ks. They just wanna tear me down. I'd move out if I didn't have (!@#$%^&*) Tourettes Syndrome (I move out, then evicted 3 days later). They know this and use it against me.

So I owe my dad $360 and my mom $760. So make that $1120 with is my next two disability checks. So now I won't even have money for good food, nor protein supplement.

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Sounds like a crappy situation. If they really want to tear you down, hopefully you can get out of that situation as soon as possible, as in moving out. I also think a gym membership when you can afford it would be great for some positive support (friendly gym clientèle who are supportive and encourage you to continue gains), to have a place where working out is convenient and associated with emotional rewards. It would also be a way to get out of the house and vent for a few hours a week in a place where you can meet people who are going to build you up and be happy to watch you succeed. You might even make some friends with similar goals who can help push you in a positive direction.

Until then, I would recommend trying to find anything that is remotely active that you would enjoy, from swimming to football to hockey to cross training to running to hiking to whatever, and just do it. Activity will help boost your metabolism, a lot of that stuff give you an excuse to get out of the house for a bit (which might be a plus), you get some endorphines from doing some exercise, and every little bit helps.

Now would be a good time to give up if I was gonna.

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Here's to hoping you don't. After what you have written about going through, only good things can come from this. I know it is easy for me to say. I have a supportive wife, a family who wants me to succeed, and I have a home gym and decent food around. However, my grandparents were all about tearing down my parents, so I have seen how hard it is and I know that it sucks. It does not mean your parents don't love you, just that everybody has their quirks and issues. Just hang in there and do what is best for you. Here's wishing you the best of luck!

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