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Default Cutting Journal, no holding back now

Okay im starting a journal for my cutting plan. Any advice on my eating plan, workout schedual, training, ratios, is greatly appreciated. This is a basic layout of my workout and my eating/excercise layout for each day. I do calorie cycleing and i do have varieties of each meal. They always stay around the same calorie intake though.

Im going with 4 day on 1 day off routine, got from the 13 week program which was awsome btw. I finished That program and im going with something new for the next 12 weeks of summer to see how low i can get my bf% and making my muscles as symetrical as i can. Will start the new program tomorrow and will post my specific workouts then. As for suplements i take Multivitamins, Glutamine, HMB, ZMA, Vitamin C, Creatine. (Times based on this sites info)

Current Stats, 165lbs 12% body fat. (was at 180 20% at begining of 13 week plan)

Workout Split
Day 1:Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
Day 2:Back, Abs
Day 3:Biceps, Forearms,
Day 4:Legs
Day 5:Off
Day 6:Start over again

Im giving Biceps and Back focus right now because there lagging behind.

Meal/Day plan

Wake up 5:30 am take Vitamans, Antioxidants, Glutamine, Green Tea. 30 mins Fasted HIIT

6:15 meal 1
2/3 Cup of Oatmeal 200 cal
1 Whole egg 75 cal
8 Egg whites 136 cal
Total 411 cal

9:15 meal 2
4oz Tuna 120 cal
1/3 Cup of Oatmeal 100 cal
1 Large can of V8 60 cal
Total 280 cal

11:00/1:00 meal 3 (wierd brakes at school i divide the meal into both breaks).
1 Cup Cottage Cheese 168 cal
10 Steamed Aspearagus 50 cal
1 tbs Safflower Oil 83 cal
4oz Sweet Potato 115 cal
Total 416 cal

2:30 Workout (school is done)

4:00 Meal 4
After workout Shake
17/17g Dextrose/Maltose 136 cal
2 scoups Whey Protein 180 cal
Everything else
Total 316 cal

6:00 Meal 5
5oz Chicken Breast 250 cal
1 Tbsp Udo's Oil 134 cal
1.5 Cups Broccoli 60 cal
Total 444 cal

8:15 Meal 6
4oz Salmon 120 cal
1.5 Cups zucchini raw 60 cal
1 tbs Udo's Oil 134 cal
Total 294 cal

Grand Total 2181 cal
Carbs 166 grams
Protein 231 grams
Fat 65 grams
9:30 Bedtime

That sums it up for now, I do my fasted HIIT every workout day, the day off is a complete day off. Never had a problem with energy levels but hunger has been a problem later in the day. Trying some advice i got on the forums recently.
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