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Default Re: DaveV \"one more road to cross\" - would love feedback

There will be no more lifting workouts until (if) I can join a gym. My parents are pulling a screw job again on me and I'm pretty much (!@#$%^&*) until this whole ordeal is over. I can't move my weight bench anywhere and the ceiling is so low that I can't sit on the bench and do overhead presses. I'm not gonna waste my time doing ultra light bench press and curls where I don't even get a pump, no less DOMS.

I'll have to eat real light so I don't gain any more weight.

I really wish my family weren't obese lazy ***ks. They just wanna tear me down. I'd move out if I didn't have (!@#$%^&*) Tourettes Syndrome (I move out, then evicted 3 days later). They know this and use it against me.

So I owe my dad $360 and my mom $760. So make that $1120 with is my next two disability checks. So now I won't even have money for good food, nor protein supplement.

Now would be a good time to give up if I was gonna.
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