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Empty Stomach morning cardio? I always thought you were suppose to get a meal in (or at least a protein shake) before working out. I could of course be wrong...

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Nathan, doing cardio first thing in the morning followed by a meal immediately after is the best way to burn body fat. This is because your carb. stores are low after 8 hours of sleep and will cause the body to burn from it's fat stores after a shorter period of time. The efficiency of this also depends on ones VO2 Max as or their HR, depending on what method they are using.

However, ff you are weight lifting first thing in the morning, you want to replenish your body with carbs for energy before you lift. This is important for energy, and a shake is also good because your body could start breaking down muscle before the lift is even over. A good pre-workout meal could be an apple (or another fruit) and a shake with 20g whey.

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