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note on my routine...i recently decided that i have too much variation in my routine and am unable to keep adequate records and am not doing each exercise to beat this problem and still be able to mix up my routine i am developing an A, B, C routines and i will cycle through...i will also no longer periodize my routines (at least for now) i am going to do a range between 8-10 reps per exercise IN GOOD FORM (another thing i will work on, form...recently injured and its an important factor)..each time i lift i will strive to either do 1 more rep w/ the previous weight or add some weight to the lift...i will only add weight when i can do 10 reps..i will not jump up if i am on 8 or 9 reps...i will also have a few exercises on "stand by" incase my routine gets stale and i need to mix it up...ive also got a few good shocking routines for each body part if i hit a plateau...i will throw in a week or 2 of either 4-6 or 6-8 reps if i feel a plateau comnig ready!!! time to do some damage!!!
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