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Default Re: DaveV \"one more road to cross\" - would love feedback

Don't give up just yet my friend... there are plenty of folks here that I'm sure have plenty of suggestions for you in order to do this on a budget.

If food is your biggest problem you might want to look for the cheapest sources of protein you can get your hands on. For example: 1 cup of dry pinto beans has about 30g of protein and costs about 17 cents!! Granted you'd also be looking at about 480 calories... part of the problem is that you simply can't afford enough food to keep the motor going... then they could really be killing two birds with one stone (sorry for the analogy for all you bird lovers). What I did for a while was just mash em' up (so they're almost like flavourless mashed potatoes) and then add just a smidge of ketchup (or whatever condiment you like). If you want other cheap food/protein ideas just let me know bud and I'd be happy to try to help you out some more

If you want to save even more money then you might want to try and hunt down equipment at garage sales as opposed to going to a gym...

There are plenty of ways to get bigger (or smaller as the case may be) while on a budget my friend... don't give up!!
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