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Welcome to ABC!

What most are going to tell you is that you just need to drop body fat. You are not going to get rid of flab from one spot (spot reduction). Or the difference will be minimal with any intervention. So you need to cut.

Second, you can make the muscle look more conditioned, and perhaps slight spot reduction. I 'd advise sprints for this. For hypertrophy, see a recent post in training section on calves.

[/ QUOTE ]

sorry to hijack venom i am a believer that spot reduction may work in a fashion, if going on the theory that muscles become warm when exercised which in turn heat up the fat layer above giving the particles more energy and making them more usable by the body,

back to the calfs. cycling is great for calfs due to the consant half reps performed some of the best calfs in the world belong to cyclists
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