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Default Re: DaveV \"one more road to cross\" - would love feedback

DB curl 1x12 (15lbs) warmup
Tricep extensions 1x12 (10lbs warmup)

BB curl 1x12 (15lbs), 1x12 (20lbs), 1x10 (35lbs), 1x7 (25lbs)
Tricep extensions 1x10 (15lbs)
Close grip bench 1x12 (36lbs), 1x12 (36lbs), 1x10 (46lbs)

20 minute PWO cardio on bike


#1 - 6oz steak, half a baked potato, half a cup of sauteed mushrooms, can of diet cola (for caffeine)

#2 - 2 scoops whey PWO

#3 - 2 whole eggs 1 egg white scrambled, half a baked potato

#4 - 12oz steak

#5 - 1 scoop whey

cal - 2105
fat - 96g (40%)
carb - 66g (12%)
prot - 237 (46%)

This is more how I want my diet to be. Less carbs and more protein. I need to get some rice instead of the baked potato (don't really like baked potato).
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