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Default Re: New Here, Desperate for HELP!

a couple things from the spider lol:

fats are your friend (the good ones). They are not a swear word. Take some flax at the end of the day.... please, trust me they're not evil. They actually are helping me keep lean.

This will sound a little unorthodox too, but train like a big bad man would train. Serious. You wont look like a big scary man unless you eat like one, but you will see results quickly with the intense training. no matter what your trainer said. or just focus on the big body parts and dont train bis. plus, you don't have the hormones men do so you aren't capable of thier kind of growth anyways...

Dont do 'cardio only' workouts. And try taking about 10mg of chromium a day. it helps increase insulin sensitivity.

salt doesn't help with keeping cramps away.... its the potassium you want. Sodium is used in muscle contractions, not retractions. my legs cramp sometimes too, but mostly just my calves. What leg exercises are you doing, cuz i have never heard anyone cramping really bad on a leg press or squat, just stuff like hamstring curls....

and stay away from energy drinks there so terrible for you i have watching people drink those...
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