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Default Re: ANDRO\'S Journey of CAN and WILL

tonight was awesome...first of all i would like to say that Layne is the man and an inspiration...the one arm squatter tearing it up...the wizard and myself also tore it up with bi's/legs/abs. we finished with hack squats and i enjoy doing this because it forces you to give it everything you have. you have nothing to save it for and you can leave it all on the table. here's how tonight went...

standing ez bar curl- 140 for 12
db hammer curls-50's for 10
glute ham raises-bw for 10
hack squats-315 for 20/495 for 7

all i gotta say is all you haters have awoken the beast that is Layne...4 weeks after surgery and he is still pushing the envelope. you people think you know...but in reality you have no idea
The"Outwork" mindset changed my entire life, perhaps it can help you as well

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