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Default Are you working hard enough?

I have been working out hard for a couple of months now that basketball is over and done with. Two intense workouts per day, one being an hour long, and the other two hours long. One at 7:00 AM and the other at 3:00 PM. I have been taking creatine and protein, and have been seeing great reults.

Don't you love feeling sore after your workout? I do. The tenderness, the inflated feeling you get all over after you push yourself to the max. Thats how I know I work hard enough. I get sore. But lately, as I progress, I notice the lack of soreness that I get in my body after a workout. I work hard, do lots of reps, and push myself, but I don't get the same sore feeling that I used to.

I need to know- Am I doing something wrong? I used to know that I worked out hard because I could feel the tiredness in my muscles. Now, I don't feel sore at all after workouts, though I do feel like I expended energy. I want to know If I'm making improvements even though I can't seem to work myself until I ache.

Can anyone answer my question? Am I working hard enough?
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