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Default Re: Damien is back in the house: Star Wars

In the early morning on April 1st, I didnít want to Ďfoolí around with my scrawny biceps, so I continued my "Riot Bombing ExplainedĒ workout,[see my first post above] doing preacher biceps curls supersetted with dips. I used a machine for dips that can lighten my bodyweight [230] when I start to fatigue. Each set in this work our is a superset of curls immediately followed by dips, with 30 seconds between supersets. My time between SSís was probably less than 30 seconds, but, with 20+ supersets, it took almost 40-minutes! Here are the weights: [start] curls 70#ís/dips BW [bodyweight] -40#ís; [Max] curls 100#ís/dips BW+25#ís; [End] curls 50#ís/dips BW-40#ís.

Here is where it gets crazy. In late afternoon, I did a double split for arms and did BB curls for 100 reps followed by dips for 100 reps. If you have never done a double split, [in this case, doing the same bodypart twice in one day] it takes riot bombing to a whole new level!
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