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Okay, since my last post i have done a regular workout and a speed day

Speed Day Wed 26-3-08

Bench Press
2/72.5kg 2/77.5 4/50 (down set)
1/80 4/50 (down set)
1/82.5 3/40

Happy with how it went. My form was good, but im lacking alot of power. I still pressed the heavier ones strong though. With my form the way it is, which is a little touchy with the heavier weights, im gonna see so strength increase just from having a more fluid, consistent action. Correct speed for the eccentric phase could probably add around 6-7kg for me. And as i develop power around this form, i'll probably be able to press more than i really should be, just because of the power-form combination. I pretty sure this was the case a while ago, when i was pressing 85kg weigh about 70kg. I could barely get 72ish for two or three reps, but i could get 85kg lol. Thats power for you

Power Cleans
3/45kg 2/52.5 2/60

Wasnt pleased with the power cleans. Form was abit off cuz i havent done them in a while, although a good sign is that im alot stronger in the lower back since doing them last. I didnt have the power i used to have, bur got the same results with slower pulling. Two weeks and i'll be right though.

Olympic Squats
3/72.5kg 3/85 3/95 2/105

Nice and slow squats. I paused at the bottom to emulate the start of deadlifts, then blasted up. Im happy with how they went. 105kg was a good weight to choose, and as this is the first speed day it'll get up a bit. I reckon i need to improve my form slightly though

Overall good session

Regular Workout Sat 29-3-08

Rocky Presses 2/40, 5/45
Chins 3/BW, 8/3.75kg
Dips 2/12.5, 6.5/16.25kg
Pulldowns (wide grip) 3/45, 10/55
Good Mornings 5/30, 6/47.5
Farmers SS DB Curls 30kg SS 10kg

Good workout. Rocky presses were good. Great for shoulders going from front to back between each rep. Modified my front pressing form slightly to hit delts alittle harder. Chins were good, huge progress from last week, felt good going through the reps. Dips were great. The weights just keep getting lighter. Im doing the same reps but adding like 1kg each time. The other day when i used 20kg felt like a good weight to use, but i'll progress up to it.

Can i just ask anyone who's reading this how much they add for doing dips, and what rep and set schemes they do?

Decided to do some wider pulldowns which were real good. Good weight selection, maybe increase by 2-2.5kg next time. Good mornings were good. My back is feeling stronger. I like the lower rep range for these. Finished with farmers and some db curls, just cuz i like hitting traps bis and forearms. Forearms got a nice pump which made the curls all the better for me. The chins are workin nice for me cuz my curls are getting stronger and i very rarely do any
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