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Default Re: Need fat burning tips!!

good deal cardio is great.... if your tough, take a deck of cards, shuffle them, and for each card you draw do pushups for what that cards worth, rest thirty seconds, draw another card and go on till the deck is gone. it's TOUGH...

example: i draw a king. thats thirteen pushups( i count jacks as 11 quenns as 12 kings 13 aces 14). rest 30. draw another card. do that till the deck is gone. its kinda fun that way. resistance training will help keep your skin tight. maybe try some pull ups too. just do 3 sets as many as possible or so

do an abe workout on the grass. do twisting situps, crunches, and lying leg raises. probably 3 sets of each.

now warm up your thighs properly. no need to stretch, trust me. just do some easy slow suicides on the field. since you have a track i imagine theres a field in between, like a high school football field. do high knees. this is where you jog but bring your knees up as high as possible and push off hard in a somewhat vertical manner. google it if you dont know what they are. take one easy lap around the track. no your ready for a bleacher run or my track workout.( i had you do all that so you wont pull a muscle in your quad. trust me its really easy to do) for each of those little exercises i described just do one length of the field with them. so 100 yards

bleachers are simple but tough. when you run up, pump your arms as much as possible and bring your knees as high as you can. same thing going down. go up and down twice without rest. take a easy lap around the track. Dont go so easy you get cold and stiff keep a good sweat going. now, do one more lap, but do it like this-on the straight parts of the track, jog quickly. once you get to the curves, go balls out sprint your heart out! one complete lap.

this was my high school track workout, but a little simplified and a lot shorter. i got lean FAST! and when i say fast i mean like today. if you get in good shape and want to do more be my guest i did. This particular routine shouldn't take more than an hour if your not resting too much and you can do the push ups at home or anywhere really... find something to do pullups on... i used the goal posts...

i know this looks tough, it is, but it will get you what you want in no time flat. do it three or four times a week
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