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Default Damien is back in the house

I havenít posted for a while but Iíve been browsing pretty regularly. I Had been doing the 24-workout mass blitz, which I find to be a great workout and a change from other splits. I modified it a bit to make it more intense. I had a couple of breaks during the timeframe and [like a minor surgery] and just started it over. My goal was to cut during a bulk [!?!?]. Unfortunately, I have little time for cardio.

Since my workouts are shorter than usual, I do mixed sets; I think Venom calls them non-block sets. That is, I will do several sets, letís say, of biceps. Instead of completing all of the biceps exercises together, I will jump to my other body part for the day, perhaps back. This has several benefits. The one that I benefit from is I shorten my rest time, which allows each body part its own rest, but allows me to get more sets in during a relatively brief workout. It also is more aerobic.

I take a full complement of supplements, similar to Venomís. Lat year I received a prize of Champion Met-Max for my participation in the Hyperplasia Challenge. I didnít use any of the Met Max until 2-months ago, as a pre-workout meal, like a pre-workout PWO shake. Since then I have lost 10.8 pounds body fat and gained 9.8 pounds lean mass. I have been busting my hump working out, and occasionally doing double splits [2 workouts per day: both not long]. I didnít want to waste the Met-Max unless I put out 110% for my workouts, diets and other supplements. My strength has increased amazingly.
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