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Tested it a month ago at the end of a 2-month diet in which I lost 10lbs I hit a 10lb PR with 425. Have since gained back most (if not all) of the weight and I'm feeling a lot stronger now. Pulled 503lbs using the lightened method on Friday. No idea what it was off the floor, but it was hard, and the lockout was brutal.
"Do not make the mistake of limiting your practices to any one set of lifts...Practice everything...single and double-handed lifts, snatching and swinging, jerking and pressing, lying down with weights, supporting weights, lifting weights while laid on the back, ring weights, human weights, and, if possible, double-handed lifts to the knee, and harness lifts, also holding the bell aloft and bringing a weight after with the disengaged hand." ~ Arthur Saxon
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